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訂單金額滿$2,500享免費運送|Free shipping for orders over $2,500

購物說明 / Shop Guideline



New Customers

ACME website provides visitors shopping, you don’t need to be a member to checkout easily. We are very welcome you to join ACME members to facilitate order inquiry and enjoy the latest preferential information. 


  • 官網會員與手機會員App為不同平台,需另行註冊為新會員
  • 您可選擇「Facebook登入」註冊會員,或是以個人電郵註冊加入會員。
  • ACME會員不需重複填寫訂購資料,讓您更有效率的訂購商品。 
  • 可隨時至『訂單查詢』中查詢訂單狀態、購物紀錄或取消訂單等相關資料。 
  • 會員可獲得網站最新訊息,参與各項網站活動、專屬優惠與會員福利等服務。

Members Guideline

  • Official website members and mobile members apps are different platforms. They need to be registered as new members separately.
  • You can choose to log in with your Facebook account to register as a member or register by personal email.
  • ACME members do not need to fill in the order information repeatedly, allowing you to order goods more efficiently. 
  • You can check order status, shopping records, or cancel order information in "Order Query" at any time.
  • Members can get the latest news on the website, participate in various website activities, exclusive offers and member benefits, and other services.


  • 海外寄送運費細則請見物流配送。 
  • 由於國際運送手續較為繁雜,請您務必填寫正確訂購人、收件人資訊,運送途中如有任何狀況,我們將會以電話或E-mail聯繫您。

Oversea Shopping

  • Please refer to the Shipping for the details of the freight for overseas shipments. 
  • Due to the complicated international shipping procedures, please be sure to fill in the correct orderer and recipient information. If there is any situation during the shipping, we will contact you via phone call or E-mail.


ACME使用永豐銀行刷卡系統,凡各家銀行的 VISA、MASTER 及 JCB 信用卡皆可使用。 

※ 待您完成付款,ACME網站系統將自動發信通知,並於1~3個工作天內為您安排出貨(不含假日)。

Online Payment

ACME uses the Bank SinoPac credit card system, which can be used by all banks' VISA, MASTER, and JCB credit cards.

※ After you complete the payment, the ACME website system will automatically send a notification and arrange the shipment for you within 1~3 working days (excluding holidays).