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CAFE ACME自製燕麥三種口味組合(原味/黑糖肉桂蘋果/海鹽焦糖)
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    CAFE ACME自製燕麥三種口味組合(原味/黑糖肉桂蘋果/海鹽焦糖)

    $940 $1,040

      CAFE ACME自製燕麥 - 三種口味組合 (原味+黑糖肉桂蘋果+海鹽焦糖)



      100% Natural

      規格:380公克 +/-20公克




      CAFE ACME Homemade Granola - Three Flavor Pack ( Oringle+Brown Sugar Cinnamon+Sea Salt Caramel)

      Freshly baked granola from ACME kitchen, without any preservatives, 100% natural ingredients such as oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds, using reduced sugar formula, so that you can eat healthy breakfast every day at home!

      100% Natural

      Specification: 380 grams +/-20 grams

      Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place. After opening, please consume as soon as possible

      Shelf life: 3 months

      This product contains gluten, soybeans, nuts, and their products, not suitable for people with allergic conditions.

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