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A surprising collaboration! VICTOR and ACME have joined forces to create a limited pop-up store, giving badminton and coffee lifestyle a whole new look!

International badminton brand VICTOR and lifestyle brand ACME have joined forces for the first time to create a two-month limited badminton-themed pop-up store. The originally simple and bright space has been infused with badminton elements, instantly energizing the dining atmosphere of the café. ACME has also introduced an exclusive menu tailored for sports enthusiasts, focusing on healthy and protein-rich options that cater to both disciplined eaters and those looking for indulgence. The "Spiced Edamame Mash Sandwich" features rare edamame as the star ingredient, providing high-quality plant protein in a nutritious and low-calorie package. The "Dill Orange Cupcake" delights with its rich citrus flavor in every bite, and the badminton-shaped cookies are perfect for sharing among adults and children alike!

VICTOR and ACME have also released a variety of co-branded products, with the color theme of "Ice Grey Blue" running through the entire collection. The lineup includes T-shirts, sports caps, headbands, canvas bags, coffee mugs, and other lifestyle accessories that combine sports and coffee. The design concept focuses on simplicity and practicality, showcasing sports functionality in details such as fabric and tailoring. Whether you're on the court or in the café, you can exude confidence and a sense of quality.

The complete collection is showcased exclusively at CAFE ACME | Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and starting from June 28th, it is available in limited quantities on the ACME official website and VICTOR distribution channels.



More on Instagram: @acme.taipei @victorsport_taiwan #VICTORxACME #VICTOR

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