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12.01 Fri. CAFE ACME|Taipei 101 Grand Opening

CAFE ACME | Taipei 101
ACME, starting from a brunch restaurant, extending its uniquely styled brand across various aspects of life, including art, space, selection, and fashion, establishing the foundation and development of a lifestyle brand. Continuing to expand its culinary footprint, the first Xiangshan store closed in May this year. After leaving the tranquil Xiangshan, ACME adjusted its form and settled to present a new appearance at the international landmark building, Taipei 101. Enjoy the ACME lifestyle with coffee brunch while overlooking the Taipei cityscape from the 35th floor.

Space Design
Taking urban coffee spaces as the main theme, the interior features white-speckled walls complemented by warm deep iron tones, showcasing a metropolitan lifestyle attitude in a neutral and earthy color palette. Furniture with interwoven colors adds natural layers and completeness to the visual aspect. Situated on the 35th floor with high ceilings, sunlight penetrates through surrounding glass, creating a bright and warm atmosphere as light and shadows intersect at different times.

New Features at 101 Store
- ACME Homemade Meal Boxes
Located in Taipei's tallest office building, ACME's team designed various new meal boxes available during weekday lunch hours, offering a healthy and delicious choice for the office community in Xinyi District.

- Happy Hour Period
Daily from 15:00 to 17:30, enjoy 20% off on red and white wine bottles and half-price on the second cocktail item at the 101 store. Indulge in ACME's selected drinks amidst the slightly tipsy high-altitude sunset, relaxing from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

- CAFE ACME 101 Grand Opening Exclusive Visual
The visual inspiration comes from the tones reflected by Taipei 101's glass exterior in sunlight. The gradient of white and green resembles the building surrounded by mountains, pixelating elements like the building structure and coffee cup, presenting a chic visual in retro style.

CAFE ACME 101 Grand Opening Event from 12/01 to 12/31
- Receive CAFE ACME x Taipei 101 Limited Edition Cookies with the purchase of designated meal combinations.
- Get a CAFE ACME Taipei 101 Limited Edition Sticker Set with any purchase amount at CAFE ACME 101 store.
- Exclusive CAFE ACME Taipei 101 Sticky Note during the grand opening.

CAFE ACME mini | Taipei 101
Grand Opening on 12/1
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00
Address: 35F, No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei City (Exclusive counter on the west side of Taipei 101 office building, take the elevator)
Phone: 02-66177557, No reservations.

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